Maintenance Subscription Terms

Every DayPilot Pro license includes 12 months of maintenance subscription which includes upgrades, updates and support as defined below.

1. Upgrades

Upgrades are new major versions of the licensed DayPilot Pro edition identified by first two numbers of the version number (example: 2018.1).

Major versions usually include new features and may include breaking changes.

2. Updates

Updates are new minor versions of the licensed DayPilot Pro edition identified by first three numbers of the version number (example: 2018.1.3123).

Minor versions usually include minor improvements, bug fixes, and security updates.

The sandbox builds (development versions that include latest changes) are only available as a trial version.

3. Support

Support parameters:

  • Support is accessible by e-mail ( and using the public forum (
  • Reaction time: 2 business days
  • Support work hours: 8am - 8pm UTC, Monday to Friday
  • Escalation: You can request a priority response by sending the issue number to The priority support is limited to urgent issues and escalation.

Support coverage:

  • bug reports
  • how-to questions

Implementation of new features is not part of the maintenance subscription and it is subject to availability and additional fees. Please contact to discuss the options.

The number of support tickets is not limited but it is subject to fair use (how-to questions exceeding 10 requests per year may be subject to additional fees).

Supported versions:

  • Only the latest official release of DayPilot Pro is supported.
  • The license agreement may allow modification of the source code. However, the modified versions are not supported.


The list of supported platforms, browsers and third-party libraries is available listed separately for each product:


The maintenance subscription can be renewed for 25% of a new license price (the price valid at the time of renewal).

The renewal is not automatic. You will receive two e-mail notifications when your subscriptions is about to expire:

  • one month before expiration
  • on the expiration date

The renewal is optional. If you decide not to renew you can still use the latest version that was released during your existing subscription.

You can renew the subscription before the expiration or during a 6-month grace period after expiration. The new subscription will always start on the expiration date.

Any change of the maintenance price (the percentage) will be usually announced here at least 12 months in advance.

The subscription maintenance may not be available for products that are no longer available for purchase.


These maintenance subscription terms are subject to change. New versions will be published at this page ( at least 14 days before entering into force.

Last update: February 1, 2019