Open-Source Calendar/Scheduling Components

DayPilot Lite for JavaScript

javascript event calendar scheduler component free open source

Open-source library of JavaScript calendar/scheduler components:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar/scheduler
  • Date picker with free/busy highlighting
  • Resource calendar (resources as columns)
  • Drag and drop
  • CSS themes
  • Available for JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue
  • Apache License 2.0


DayPilot Modal

daypilot modal form multiple fields

Open-source programmatic modal dialog with support for date/time fields:

  • Built-in form fields: text, date, time, date/time, list, searchable list, table, image, HTML
  • Great for quick prototyping of modal forms
  • Online modal form designer that generates the source code
  • Drop-in replacement for built-in dialogs - alert(), confirm(), prompt()
  • Apache License 2.0