DayPilot Pro 6.4 SP2

Release date: May 1, 2011 (build 2265)

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Weekly recurrence fixed (build 2253)
  • [Scheduler] Resource header cursor style can be overriden using CSS (build 2254)
  • [Month] Calculation of last day of month fixed in image export (build 2255)
  • [Month] ViewType="Weeks" export fixed (row mapping) (build 2255)
  • [Calendar] Header disposing fixed (ShowHeader=false) (build 2256)
  • [Calendar] style="text-align: left" added to prevent time header alignment issues (build 2257)
  • [Calendar] EventDoubleClickEnabled added to BeforeEventRender (build 2258)
  • [Calendar] Client-side methods recurrent() and recurrentMaster() fixed for all-day events (build 2263)
  • Event end time fixed in RecurrenceExpander (build 2264)
  • List of occurences optimized (recurring events) (build 2265)

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