DayPilot Pro 5.4

Released on March 23, 2009 (build 1718).


(F58) Multiple columns in resource headers (DayPilot Scheduler)

DayPilot Scheduler can show multiple columns in the row (resource) header.



Status: Implemented

(F) Dynamic loading of Resource children (DayPilot Scheduler)

DayPilot Scheduler can load the tree children dynamically (upon clicking the expand [+] icon).



Status: Implemented

Minor improvements and bug fixes

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Bug: RowMarginBottom was working incorrectly during tree node expansion.
  • Bug: Time range selection was working incorrectly on children row nodes after expansion.
  • Improvement: Resources collection persisted between calls (both PostBacks and CallBacks) regardless of the ViewStateEnabled setting.


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