DayPilot Pro 4.9 SP3

Released on August 24, 2008 (build 1490).

Bug fixes

1. Bug: "Operation Aborted" (IE) error fixed in DayPilot Calendar.

The initialization code of DayPilot Calendar was moved to window.onload handler (except of rendering in partial PostBack mode - inside an UpdatePanel).

It has a side effect (IE only): the rendering of the control will be delayed until all the page components are fully loaded (including images).

Waiting for document.readyState = 'complete' or 'interactive' appeared not to be effective.

If it proves to be the reliable solution (so far it works well) it will be ported to DayPilot Scheduler as well.

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Status: Implemented

2. Bug: DayPilot Bubble doesn't show up when IE is in quirks mode (on a page with no DOCTYPE)

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Status: Implemented

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